Project Management Solutions University employs a world-class faculty. Each faculty member brings a combination of professional experience and academic credentials to their PMSU and focuses on high quality instruction that drives student success.

PMSU faculty members have at least five years of teaching experience or ten years of professional experience in their field of study. Most faculty members have earned a terminal degree. Once hired, PMSU assesses faculty members frequently through such instruments as the End-of-Course Student Survey, an annual Peer Appraisal, an annual Self Appraisal and an annual appraisal conducted by the Chair of Faculty Development.

PMSU encourages faculty members to continue making scholarly contributions and supports high levels of performance in course instruction. The Faculty Administration department facilitates professional development activities that provide the faculty members with the tools and skills they need to drive student success. The Faculty Administration department’s top priority is finding and retaining highly qualified and high-performing faculty.

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