Discussing ideas

Global Project Management Consulting Group, LLC. (GPCG) is an auxiliary of and shareholder in Project Management Solution University. Through our trusted partnership with GPCG, we will hire or accept qualify senior or junior students in our internship programs. We will train students to gain knowledge and experience in the practical aspect of running a project, business, and program. Students will work under the auspices of GPCG personnel to conduct need assessment, define scope statement, a project objective, estimate cost, time, quality, and create a risk management plan, to name a few examples.

Company Ownership

Global Project Consulting Group, LLC. is a privately held limited liability company owned, in the majority, by its founder and president, Dr. Abu M. Fofana. There are also ten silent partners, neither of whom owns more than 5%, but will be active participants in daily operations, management decisions and consulting through the ensuing years. Their increased efforts and additional investment of capitas may increase the shareholders’ stake in the company. If the operation does not reach its expected growth and profitability goals in three years, Global Project Consulting Group, LLC. will begin a first public offering to raise capital and establish operational or satellite locations in targeted locations worldwide.   

 Dr. Fofana is an award-winning project management, business and PMO consultant and subject matter expert. He is well versed in project integration, planning, execution of multi-sized projects resulting in higher quantifiable ROI and stronger market position for corporate fortune 500 clients and has worked at over three decades in the program, IT, project management office, and portfolio management fields. He respectively holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and government from the University of Liberia and two master’s degrees in international economic cooperation and project management from the Ecole Nationale D ’Administration Publique (ENAP), Rabat, Morocco, and DeVry Keller Graduate School of Management, USA. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in business management with a specialization in project management from the School of Business and Technology Management at Northcentral University, Sans Diego, CA.  Dr. Fofana fluently speaks English, French, and Arabic and has a working knowledge of German.

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